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Rotate4all Tips

Rotate4all is a simple Paid-to-Promote program where you get paid to promote or surf links. The site has been online since 2013 paying members constantly via Payeer, Paypal, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer, AirTM, Skrill, FaucetPay and bitcoin (5$ minimum payment). All the payments are processed within 24 hours. There are no member restrictions and everyone is free to join.

How to earn money from rotate4all?

-Surf ads

At rotate4all you are getting paid to surf ads. You get paid up to 0.000250$ per visit and you can earn up to 0,1$ per day just from your own surfing which is a lot higher than many PTC sites.

SURF Rates
  • Level 1 (0-250)
    $0.000150 USD
  • Level 2 (251-500)
    $0.000250 USD
  • Level 3 (501-750)
    $0.000300 USD
  • Level 4 (751-1000)
    $0.000400 USD
    5 seconds
  • LIMIT /24 HRS

-Promote your affiliate link to other PTC sites

At rotate4all you are getting paid to promote your affiliate link to other websites. You will get around 0.25$ for every 1000 visits to your link. 

PTP Rates
    $0.000300 USD
  • 1st NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000150 USD
  • 2nd NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000100 USD
  • 3rd NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000075 USD
  • 4th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000050 USD
  • 5th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000040 USD
  • 6th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000030 USD
  • 7th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000020 USD
  • 8th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000010 USD
  • 9-12th NON-UNIQUE:
    $0.000001 USD

You can use ptp module the following ways:

Rotate4all offers the best way to get part of your money out of a scam PTC site. Let’s say you have money in a PTC site that you cannot withdraw. You can buy advertising credits with that money and start advertising your rotate4all affiliate link getting around 0.15$ for every 500 visits. Also, you may get some referrals to your account and double up your profits.

Many ptc sites are offering revenue shares as an earning option. After purchasing a revenue share you are getting also advertising credits. You can use those credits to promote your rotate4all link, thus earning more from that share.

When you are winning a contest or a prize on a ptc site in most cases that money is going to a purchase balance. You cannot withdraw that money but you can use them to buy free advertising credits and promote your rotate4all affiliate link. That way you are turning those credits into cash and also getting some referrals in the process.

With rotate4all you convert into cash credits that you are earning from manual traffic exchanges.

Valid traffic sources

  • Grid & Prize programs

  • Manual PTC programs

  • Manual TE programs

  • Manual Faucets

  • Revshare sites

Invalid traffic sources
  • X

    Rotator-advertising services

  • X

    Link-shortener services

  • X


  • X

    AutoSurf programs

  • X

    PTP programs

NOTE: If you have any doubt always check the Terms & Policies section and you find the Blacklisted websites sorted alphabetically, and you should not use it to advertise you link  otherwise you will be banned permenantly.

Still out of ideas where to promote ?

They have a Traffic Sources section that shows statistics of top traffic sources websites and it will be updated every week.

So all what you have to do is finding some cheap websites ( websites that sell 10.000 vews for 2$ or less ) to promote your link, like that you will earn 50% of the amount that you invested.

What are you waiting for click the banner below to register and start earning.

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