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What's a PTC site ?

Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites are websites that will pay you to click on advertisements. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Most of these sites are free to use, and it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn decent money online as it requires little to no skills, an effortless means to make money with pay per click.

When an ad is shown to you, you click on it and search the website that has been opened for the amount of time specified. The reward is added to your account balance after the period has elapsed.

PTC sites serve as the broker or middleman between an advertiser and the consumers.

These sites earn money from the advertisers when they display the advertisements and a fraction of the fee goes towards the viewer when said advertisement is watched. 

Makes sense? 

If not, here is the process below: 

1- The website places ads on their site

2- You click and view the ad

3-The advertiser pays the website because their ad has been clicked and viewed

4- The website pays you

Since most websites do not have a referral limit, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Don’t be hesitant to sign up for the free sites listed below because it’ll probably just take a minute or two to register.

Do you know how to get paid to click unlimited ads? Referrals – people who sign up using your connection – are the secret to making money with PTCs.

Why referrals you may ask? 

Referrals are the ones that earn free money for you by clicking on advertisements. Let me give you a rough idea of how this works, the figures stated are just an example. 

When a referral clicks on your link, they make USD 0.30 per day, and as a referral commission, you will receive around USD 0.03.

That is just for one referral. If you have 100 referrals making USD 0.30 per day, you would be receiving USD 3.00 daily. The best part? You didn’t even have to do anything to earn those three bucks. 

Your referrals would just have to click and get paid instantly and you can earn a commission without doing anything.

There are two types of referrals implemented in PTC sites : 

-Direct Referrals

An exclusive link will be issued to you by PTC sites. Do you know how sometimes you come across influencers who link their referral links in their profile saying you’re entitled to a 10% discount if you purchase the item with their link? This is a direct referral. There are no limitations as to how many referrals you can have under you, so the more the better!

-Rent Referrals

This is an option for those who can’t secure a proper downline. A downline refers to participants who’ve used your referral or who’ve entered the program after you’ve done so, who will bring you money with their sales and referrals.

You can rent referrals for a fee directly from PTC sites and you’ll be entitled to this referral for a certain period.  You can use this rented referral multiple times for as long as it is active. Referrals will be assigned to you by the site so you don’t have to go lookout for them. 

However, this may not be as effective as direct referrals because if you’ve got inactive referrals or if a bot referral is assigned to you, then the chances of you earning your commission are low.

So what are you waiting for, choose one of the programs from our earning list and start making money.


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